segunda-feira, abril 28, 2008

The Ghost Of Lemora - Happy End Of The World

1 - Happy End Of The World
2 - It Ain't My Fault I'm Beautiful
3 - Blacken My Name
4 - Shoes With Blue Jeans
5 - Good Morning Midnight
6 - A Willing Recruit
7 - Winter Bride
8 - The Dream
9 - The Hardest Word
10 - R.I.P
11 - Exit For Your Dreams
12 - Red Wine, Cigarette
13 - Silence Of Ghosts
14 - The End Of The World

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André Salas disse...

Great album! Love this blog, it has the best choice in music!

Siouxsie Pernova disse...
Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.
Anônimo disse...

Hello! Re- upload This Album please Because Has Been Deleted.
You have an exellent blog

The Dead Muse disse...

Thanks for the great work!

Please, what is the password for "The Ghost Of Lemora - Happy End Of The World"?

I got the file but cannot open it